About James


Instead of doing a regular bio like everyone else, I wanted to do something unique and tell you my story in the form of a poem.


I titled my poem “Drive” because I was running into a lot of problems throughout this journey and I felt like I was driving with no roadmap and constantly meeting with road blocks. 

However, I couldn’t give up because I felt like entrepreneurism was in my blood, so I kept pushing forward. I hope you enjoy it.



In 2010 is when it all begin, and I never knew when the journey would end 

It all started when I was working at a retail store, the first check I received is something I couldn’t ignore

Only $300 dollars for all my hard work, is this truly what they think I’m worth

What took birth in me was to make my own way, have a home-based business and determine my pay

With minimum wage I did the math and realized it was best to create my own path

So I opened up to the Internet marketing scene, not knowing it was filled with multiple schemes

I thought I’d see a lot of green come really fast, but all I’ve seen is many snakes in the grass

I’m driving down an endless road with no map, and every stop I make is another trap

I keep on driving but every turn I take, I end up running into another mistake

Driven to make it fast with the programs I see, losing my drive now I’m running on E

Driving me crazy so I crash and burn, starting to wonder if I should make a U-Turn

It’s breaking me down and I’m running out of gas, I look for help, but there’s no one to ask

All of these questions with no one to answer, information overload spreading like cancer

Gurus saying in a year I can retire, so I keep burning through my money like fire

Time starts to pass, I can’t rise from the ashes, I’m lost in this journey like the rest of the masses 

My heart truly aches from all of these mistakes, is there anyone real or are they all being fake

Wounded and broken from all the money I’ve lost, I’m starting to wonder if my dream is worth the cost

Thought I’d start to reap with all the work I’ve sown, but I meet with defeat trying to make it on my own

All of these worries consume me like a flood, but I can’t escape what’s running through my blood

Although the sharks smell my blood teeming in the water, I just keep swimming to escape their slaughter

Keeping my head above water was harder then I thought, drowning in bills from all the things I’ve bought

As I was sinking faster than quicksand, I was grateful when the good Lord extended His hand

Yes, in my dark cloud there’s a silver lining, I finally caught a break after all my grinding

With all these problems I thought I’d never heal, but my solution came in the form of Jon McNeil.

Constant failure had been my norm, until this kind man weathered the storm

The only one who cared when it all fell apart, he gave me a chance for a brand new start

Proud to call him my official mentor, taught me it’s not about the money but the mindset you enter

And with all of his support and guidance, I was able to escape the den of lions

Now my hope is to replicate what he does; help others get set up, and not set up for every new buzz

I’m willing to help anyone on this journey, who’s willing to learn the laws of marketing like an attorney

As I said, I’ll be here to help, but most of the work will come from yourself

If you’re willing to put the time, money and energy in, the possibility of failing is very slim

If you push through this tough period as it comes, before you know it you’ll be making passive income 

With that said, let’s learn the rules of the game, and remember, if I did it, then you can do the same.


I hope you got a lot out of my poem and I look forward to helping you in your online journey.

James Ebomoyi