ClickMagick | ClickMagick Tutorial

ClickMagick | ClickMagick Tutorial

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In this ClickMagick Tutorial, you’ll discover why this software is by far one of the best tracking tools you can use to figure out where your sales are coming from. There are quite a few features offered for this tool, however, for this video, I only went over the basics.

I’m fully aware that you can track a whole sales funnel as well as determine your ROI for paid traffic with this tool, but I prefer to keep things simple and focus on explaining how to use ClickMagick for beginners.

Identifying where the majority of your traffic, clicks and sales are originating from is a very vital part of internet marketing. With the simple layout provided, it’s relatively easy to figure out how to track where your sales are coming from.

These videos which discuss different traffic sources where it’d be wise to have a tracking link:

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This whole process begins with knowing how to create a tracking link which is what I cover in this ClickMagick Review. This tool provides two options for you to create a tracking link: you can either use a dedicated domain which is the easier option, or you can create a subdomain and use that to track your sales.

With the dedicated domain, all you would need to do is purchase a domain from GoDaddy or Name Cheap and then follow the simple instructions to have that domain integrated into the system.

With the subdomain, you would have to go into your hosting account for your blog and then follow the directions to create a hostname which would be integrated into the system.

Once you’ve chosen either of those options, all you have to do is use the domain to create affiliate link IDs inside of your account. This makes it incredibly easy to identify where you’re getting the most clicks.

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