Funnel Franchise Review | Mind-Map

Funnel Franchise Review | Mind-Map

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Funnel Franchise Review Mind-Map

In this funnel franchise review, I discuss the different resources available within the program. After going through all of the training and setting up my own funnel, I found out that certain resources function better than others.

For example, if you do your own research, you’d find that AWeber is the top recommendation for Autoresponders because of its deliverability. GetResponse has some mixed reviews which doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in seasoned marketers and MailingBoss has some mixed reviews as well.

MailingBoss is integrated into the Builderall platform but you can also purchase it as a stand-alone program and integrate it into another Lead Page platform if you wish. Builderall is an interesting platform which aims to be an all-in-one business in a box.

While the features of Builderall are very vast and admirable to most people, what some marketers don’t realize is that more is not necessarily better. There’s an endless amount of tutorials within the Builderall system and if you don’t have the proper guidance or time, then you can easily get lost in the multiple rabbit holes.

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying “Jack of all trades and a master of none”. Well, Builderall seeks to be a jack of all trades which is an impressive strength they have but at the same time it’s their achilles heel.

Some people who have used the MailingBoss autoresponder within the Builderall platform have complained about it’s performance and the Click Tracking feature in Builderall isn’t exactly the easiest thing to toggle around with.

Given the nature of this and Builderall’s significantly complex dashboard, I’ve found that the best feature offered in Builderall is their landing pages. Building a landing page is very easy to do with Builderall and so is the integration of an autoresponder like AWeber.

The Builderall squeeze page for Funnel Franchise is editable and looks way more professional than the squeeze page hosted on Funnel Franchise. What I’d suggest is that if you’re sending cold leads to your squeeze page, then you should send them to the Builderall squeeze page.

If you have a relationship with your audience and they’re warm leads, then you’ll be fine sending them to the hosted Funnel Franchise squeeze page. People buy products from those they know, like and trust so the appearance of an adequate-looking squeeze page won’t really matter much in this case.

As I went through the training I also found that the ClickMagick tracking tool was by far the easiest to understand out of all the other click trackers featured. doesn’t really have a lot of reviews online and it’s probably because it’s not as straight forward as ClickMagick. As for Builderall’s click tracker, I found that to be somewhat tedious to work with.

While one may not think a click tracker is necessary for a business, it actually proves to be quite beneficial because you can make your links look more presentable, track where your sales are coming from, and find out which solo ad vendor provides converting traffic.

Funnel Franchise also recommends getting a new domain email address in order to increase the deliverability rate for your emails. I wasn’t aware of this until I went through the training, but if you use a free email address for any portion of this program, the system won’t work for you. This means Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo are all frowned upon by AWeber, GetResponse and MailingBoss.

I didn’t get a chance to mention in my funnel franchise review video that if you currently have a domain with lots of content on it and/or comments, you could possibly have a high spam score for your site. This can affect the domain and in turn affect any email address you created, or try to create, with that domain.

I found out for one of my other sites that I can no longer send or receive emails with my domain email address. I’m positive this occurred because I have a lot of content and comments on that site.


So, if you’d like to play it safe, then I strongly suggest you follow my instructions laid out in this mind-map and get the tools I recommended to avoid any chance of things going wrong. Internet marketing is a game you want to play with all the odds in your favor.


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