How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing – 5 Tips

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing – 5 Tips

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In this video I discuss the five components you should be aware of to master internet marketing.

1. Passion: Your passion will determine what niche you go into and will make your marketing efforts a lot smoother and easier because you’ll actually enjoy what you’re talking about versus trying to make money in a profitable niche you don’t care about.

2. Personality: Taking your personality into account plays a big role in establishing the type of marketing you’ll be doing. Some people are better off writing articles, while others are meant for videos or pictures.

3. Platform: Once you know your personality type, you can then set up your platform(s). This may be on a Blog, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

4. Process: In order to make money with affiliate marketing, you have to build an audience and have a process to generate sales. The standard process to do this is known as a Sales Funnel.

5. People: The final step is getting targeted people to tune in to your content. You can do this with free social media platforms, and you can also invest in paid traffic sources like Google ads, Bing ads, Facebook ads, etc.



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