How To Make Money With Solo Ads Training | Best Paid Traffic

How To Make Money With Solo Ads Training | Best Paid Traffic

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If you’re trying to find the best paid traffic source for affiliate marketing, you’ve come to the right place. In this video, I provide an in-depth review of something known as solo ads. There are a couple of different ways you can go about getting solo ads however, Udimi is a popular platform for internet marketers who desire to build their list fast and generate some sales in the process.

In this Udimi solo ads review, I reveal the best paid traffic sources available on their platform. They recently changed up their dashboard so this udimi tutorial is designed to help you set up your first solo from start to finish.

In case you’re not familiar with solo ads, it’s basically a process where you pay someone who has a large email list to let you send your squeeze page link or affiliate link (not recommended) to their list.

Depending on the package you get, this will in turn generate some opt-ins (people getting on your list) for your offer usually ranging in the 30{3e55777c5a8a0bf51fcb2a6b50577903665e3ce76a171b3811ce5c7179003fa6} range and possibly some sales ranging in the 1{3e55777c5a8a0bf51fcb2a6b50577903665e3ce76a171b3811ce5c7179003fa6} range.

The whole idea of solo ads is to build your own list fast so you can start marketing to them yourself once you’ve established a relationship and offered some value. What you have to understand though is that not every solo ad provider is created equal.

Some solo ad vendors can provide you with plenty of people who join into your email list, however, they could all be freebie seekers who don’t intend on buying anything from you.

This can work against you in multiple ways which is why it’s best if you build something known as a “Buyers List.” A buyers list is a list of people who clearly reveal that they’re willing to spend money for your offer and potential future offers.

You would simply do this by using certain filters inside of Udimi to figure out which vendors generated sales for previous clients. This is essentially how to make money with solo ads and build a buyers list at the same time.

Probability is a very important element with internet marketing so if you’re interested in using solo ads that work in your favor, I strongly suggest you use the following vendors: Brandon Sean, Khaled Ibrahim, and Daniel Huppertz. Best of luck and remember to sign up:


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