Make Money With YouTube Videos Without Showing Your Face

Make Money With YouTube Videos Without Showing Your Face

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Nowadays, it’s very easy to make money with youtube videos without showing your face. Thanks to the power of technology and consumer research, it’s quite easy to develop a campaign for a specific niche so you can start seeing a profit within some time.

There’s a lot of research which has shown that people don’t buy something unless they’ve been exposed to it 7 times or so. While that’s true, there’s some substantial evidence which supports the notion that there are 3 different stages the consumer goes through before they buy something: research phase, decision phase and purchasing phase.

Of course, every marketer’s desire is to catch a customer while they are in the purchasing phase and it’s very possible to do this. You just simply have to target the right keywords. It doesn’t matter if you make videos without showing your face.

As you can see in the video, I provided examples of people who did product descriptions and product demonstrations. If you look closely, you’ll see that the reviewers used long-tail keywords, along with the specific product name, and attached the word “review” on the end of the keyword.

Keywords provide insight on what phase a consumer is in. If a consumer uses the keyword: the best nootropics (brain enhancement supplements) for focusing, you’ll know that they are in the research phase.

Whereas, if they use the keywords: mind lab pro review or mind lab pro coupon, you can tell that they are fluctuating between the decision phase and purchasing phase. They know they’d like to try out nootropics, they just want a little more info before they buy.

When a consumer is in that stage, they don’t really care about whether they see your face or not, especially if you provide a high-quality description or demonstration in your video. So, you simply have to build content around a very specific niche and take advantage of the different stages.

While you can do product reviews with the actual product, another great way to make videos without showing your face is to use a medium-sized whiteboard. Animated whiteboard videos are very popular right now, however, if you don’t have access to the technology to produce such videos, you can always create them yourself.

James Ebomoyi