Make Videos Without Showing Your Face – Top 3 Free Ways

Make Videos Without Showing Your Face

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What’s going on guys, James Ebomoyi here. In case you’re wondering how to make videos without showing your face, you’ve come to the right place. It’s completely understandable why most marketers don’t feel comfortable showing their face right away when they begin their journey.

You could be worried about what others might say about you or possibly looking silly on camera, however, there are ways around this. Many individuals have discovered a way to still provide value and build trust with their audience while remaining anonymous.

You can easily do the same if you follow the instructions in this video. All of the recommendations I’m providing in this video are 100{3e55777c5a8a0bf51fcb2a6b50577903665e3ce76a171b3811ce5c7179003fa6} free. I use them myself all the time and I can’t get enough of them.

If you’d like to upgrade with any of the plans offered in these resources, that’s entirely up to you but I honestly don’t see the need. The links to these options can be found below this paragraph. Make sure you check them out and put them to use right away so you can get your marketing campaign started.

Screen-cast-o-matic – Free Screen Recorder

Free Online Whiteboards

GoConqr – Free Mindmap Creator

Google Slides – Free Powerpoint Presentations

If you would like to make money with youtube videos without showing your face, all you have to do is appear as an expert in a specific niche and create lessons or tutorials which break down certain topics, products and strategies. Then you’d simply let people know about the affiliate link, or squeeze page link in the description of your video.

Screen-cast-o-matic is a great tool which offers a lot of value for completely free. Although the free version is somewhat limited, you can still cover a lot of ground online. Countless marketers got their start online by using this tool to create unique content. You can easily do the same through assertiveness and creativity.

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