Wealthy Affiliate – 3 Buying Factors

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In this wealthy affiliate video, I’m going to discuss three reasons why people buy products.


If you want to know how to make money with wealthy affiliate, then you need to be aware of the internal triggers which influence people to purchase something.


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Why do people buy the things they do? Is it because of predictability, pleasure, pain, or prestige? At the heart of every purchase lies an innate, often unconscious, root catalyst which determines what we do before we do it.


If you’re able to tap into what that catalyst is for your customers, then you’ll be able to make sales for your respective niche.


When some people begin affiliate marketing, they assume that they should play it safe and only recommend low-mid ticket offers. They get worried about recommending high ticket offers because they don’t think that people will buy since the price is so high.


This couldn’t be further from the truth. When it comes to entering your niche, the price point is the last thing you should concern yourself with. You should focus on your customer’s problem.


One saying that carries weight in the Internet marketing industry is that people don’t buy products, they buy solutions.


Try to keep in mind that this world is filled with billions of people, and not everyone is middle-class or poor. Rich people search for products to buy on the Internet as well.


There’s nothing wrong with recommending items to them, especially since they can afford it and it’s what they’re looking for already.


The reason why I’m explaining this to you is so you don’t fall into the trap of playing it safe. If there’s no risk, there’s no reward and you’re going to attract what you put out.


When you work hard for pennies, then you earn pennies, but if you work hard for 4-figure paydays, then that’s what you’ll attract within reason.


It’s all about making sure you do your due diligence. You have to ask yourself the following questions: What niche offers low ticket, mid-ticket, and high ticket commissions?


How many sales do I need to have within a month to earn $1,000? Is it possible to sell a product with a recurring fee?


Is there enough traffic in this niche? What’s the main problem in this niche? What value or solution can I provide to the audience in this niche? How much content can I produce on average within a month to build my business up?


Once you address these questions and find the right answers, the process of setting up your business will be a lot smoother.


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James Ebomoyi