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Wealthy Affiliate Review – In this video I’ll be discussing the results I had with this program and I’ll also be revealing some new bonuses I’ve been working on for the past few months.

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Have you ever wondered why some websites reach the first page of Google and some don’t?

Do you ever think about what the difference is between the websites on page one and the websites on pages 2-10? How would you feel if I told you there was a highly predictable way you could get to the first page?

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A few years ago, I had built a Christian book site and it ended up reaching the first page of Google.

I was very excited about it at the time, and I ended up transitioning to another niche that centered around education.

I started to work on that site the same way I worked on my Christian book site. Then, to my surprise, I ended up getting a completely different result.

I was very upset with the results from my academic website so I decided to start doing some research to figure out what went wrong. As I was doing my research, I started to compare my websites, and then I discovered a pattern.

The pattern consisted of three numbers that were prevalent in my Christian book site, but they weren’t present on my academic website. With this pattern, I was able to come up with a formula for ranking on the first page.

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